All of our programs are designed to be as impactful as possible.

From experiencing first hand the insanity of addiction to the videos we’ve created, to

the presentations we do, every component is designed to deliver a powerful message

about the dangers and devastation of addiction.

Tours of the worst drug infested ghetto in North America.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia.
See for yourself the insanity of addiction and where it can lead.


Share you story about how addiction has affected your life and help others benefit from your experience. Turn something bad into something that helps others and gives meaning to what you went through.



Through the clever  design planning and the use of modern technology

we’ve created programs unlike anything else ever developed.

We are on the cutting edge of addiction service delivery and

are able to deliver those services at an affordable price.

Tours of the worst drug infested ghetto in North America.

A comprehensive addiction treatment program right at your fingertips!
Here you will videos, podcasts, a Discussion Forum, online resources,
weekly webinars, daily support from us and much more!


Get a Scared Straight Tour without having to leave home.

Videos of Scared Straight Tours and interviews with ex-addicts that are sure to give you a reality check about drugs, drinking and being involved in drug dealing.



Our services are all very accessible.

Part of our goal is to make it easy for people to get the help they need.

Whether you want to come to Vancouver, or have us to come to you,

or just access what you need online, it’s all very easy.

We can also come to you!

This is often a more affordable alternative to bringing a group to Vancouver


We can also deliver our presentations online via live webinar.

Live webinars are an easy, affordable way to get the services you need.



Whatever your needs are in regards to addiction,

Education, Prevention, Treatment, or Public Awareness

We have everything you need right here.

It’s easy, comprehensive, powerful, accessible and affordable!

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