Intro Video The Scared Straight Tour
The Scared Straight Tour teaches youth about the dangers of addiction by letting them see first hand the devastation it creates. We do this by giving the youth a 48 hour tour of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (located in British Columbia, Canada) which is the most infamous skid row in all of North America.During the tour, the youth will get to see how devastating addiction can be by witnessing for themselves the lives of the people in this drug infested ghetto.The Downtown Eastside is home to approximately 6500 drug addicts and about 2000 homeless people and when taking the tour the participants get to interact and speak to the people who call this area home and those who work there. The youth will see homeless people living on the streets and in back alleys, they will hear, from the addicts, workers and residents, how horrible life is for them down there...[Read More]

NOTE TO U.S. RESIDENTS: This particular program only runs out of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. As far as we know there are no other similar programs anywhere else in the world. Anyone wishing to make use of this program will have to come to Vancouver, BC. Thank you.